Meet our Taste Testers

Natalie the Springer Spaniel

This little bundle of energy is all heart and joy. Natalie loves life (and teasing her big sister, Roxie), so it’s no surprise that she is a huge fan of hemp love dog treats. She gobbles them all up, and sharing them is out of the question. Don’t make her choose a favorite flavor.... She loves them all!

Roxie the Great Pyrenees

Roxie might have a particular fondness for chewing on socks and hairbrushes, but when it comes to actual food, she is quite the picky eater. However, even this discerning damsel isn’t beneath wagging her tail in joy whenever she gets a bite of hemp love dog treats. Five stars from our toughest canine critic.

Charlie the Horse

This Charlie Horse isn’t something to dread. In fact, his sweet and gentle nature makes you want to spoil him silly…and so we did. As you can see, Charlie didn’t mind the pampering one bit. In fact, he was all about our organic hemp heart delight horse treats. One more? How can we say no to that face?

Bandit the Donkey

Don’t tell Bandit that he’s only a donkey. This proud creature is as regal as they come and has the picky taste buds to prove it. Yet, even His Majesty couldn’t resist our hemp heart delight horse treats. Let all in the land rejoice!

Bonnie the Goat

Bonnie has a reputation as the pickiest of picky eaters. In fact, behind her back, the other animals call her an outright food snob. We were nervous about offering Bonnie our peppermint hemp heart delight horse treats, but they were a hit! Turns out, even this food snob couldn’t resist our tasty, healthy treats.

Clyde the Camel

Where there is a Bonnie, there must also be a Clyde!  Meet Clyde the Camel!  We know that horses adore our heart delight horse treats, but would they also pass the camel test? To find out, we booked an appointment with local camel expert, Clyde. Our adorable, long-necked friend sampled our apple and oat hemp heart delight treats and was much so that he even offered a kiss (and he is usually very stingy with his kisses!)

Want your pet to be a taste tester?

Would you like your pet to be a Hemp Love taste tester?  It's easy!  Either contact us and request a sample pack (we only charge a small fee for shipping but the treat samples are free) OR....if you happen to live in San Diego, CA, send us a note and we will personally come to conduct the taste test at your home, farm or stable and even take some pics of your four-legged taste tester for our website!