Hemp FAQs

All hemp love® products share two powerful ingredients: hemp and love. Hey, that’s the name of our company. Weird. Hemp and hemp seeds are not very well understood in the United States, which is a shame, because it is really one of the healthiest and most awesome foods nature has ever created! If you have questions about hemp, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at some of our most frequently asked hemp questions.

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a crop that comes from the cannabis plant. It is actually one of the oldest domestic crops and was used by humans over 10,000 years ago. Hemp is extremely versatile. Its seeds can be used to make bread, ink, cosmetics, paint, and even fuel! Its stalk has been used for centuries to make netting, clothes, and rope. Today, the stalk is also used in ethanol, carpet, and biocomposites. Hemp is easy to grow; it needs less water than most traditional crops and doesn’t require pesticides! It also scrubs CO2 from the air and nourishes the soil when it breaks down. It is widely considered to be a very environmentally friendly crop, which is just one more reason we love hemp!


Is Hemp the Same Thing As Marijuana?

We get this question a lot. The answer is No. Both hemp and marijuana come from the same species of cannabis plant, but they are actually very distinct. (Think of the difference between wolves and dogs. They have the same ancestors, but they are definitely not the same thing now.) In order for hemp to be considered “industrial hemp,” it must contain less than 1% THC (the chemical that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties.)


Do hemp love Products Contain Marijuana or THC?

No. Hemp and marijuana are NOT the same thing. At hemp love, we source our hemp seed from Canada, which has the strictest hemp quality rules on the book. All Canadian hemp seed is required to contain 0% THC. As a result, our products contain 0% THC. They are completely safe for healthy adults, children, and pets.


What Are the Health Benefits of Hemp?

There are lots! Hemp has often been called “the Ultimate Superfood.” It is a powerhouse of protein, essential oils, and amino acids. Without getting too technical, one of the reasons why hemp seeds are so good for you is because they contain ideal ratios of these same essential oils and amino acids. The natural and abundant nutrition inside each hemp seed can help sharpen your mental focus, improve the health of your skin and nails, help you feel fuller for longer, and even increase your energy levels.

Best of all, hemp seeds offer these same benefits to our dogs, horses, and other “fur children.” 


Is Hemp Safe for Children? 

Hemp seeds are completely safe for children unless otherwise notified by your child’s doctor. In fact, they’re downright healthy. Hemp seeds are full of the protein, amino acids, and the ideal ratio of omega fatty acids to help your child grow up strong and healthy. It is also free of all allergens, including soya, lactose, and wheat. (Note: Please check the ingredients of each of our products, as some may contain allergens.)


Is Hemp Safe for Pets?

Hemp has actually been used in animal feed for thousands of years. Its ideal balance of amino acids and omega fatty acids helps animals grow strong and healthy. Hemp seed oil can nourish your pet’s skin, make her coat shine, and give her lots of energy. We think hemp seeds are so good for animals that we created our own line of hemp seed dog treats and hemp seed horse treats, which we give to our own pets.


Still Have a Question?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions about our products, please contact us to ask!