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When I first decided to try a Hemp Love Chocolate Bar, I did not have very high expectations that an organic chocolate bar could taste anywhere near as good as a sugary, fat-laden Hershey's or Cadbury bar. I was so wrong. I first tried the lavender flavor Hemp Love bar and it was delicious. It tasted so much better and more natural than any other candy bar I ever tasted. I was amazed that something so healthy and organic could taste so wonderful. I have since tried the cinnamon and mint flavors and they are equally delicious. I keep some bars of each flavor in my freezer and when the urge strikes, I can eat my Hemp Love candy bar without any guilt at all!


Want to watch a vegan absolutely flip out over chocolate?  Hand them a bar of Hemp Love vegan "melk" chocolate, sit back and watch the show!!!!!  Every single person, vegan or not, has expressed love for this chocolate because it is by far the BEST tasting chocolate on the market.   I love the crunch of the hemp seeds and you can tell they use a very high quality of chocolate.  It always makes the perfect gift too! 


My experience with products advertised as vegan or with a "trendy" ingredient is usually one of compromised qualities. At best, a vegan chocolate product is something I can usually call "sweet chocolate-colored wax" whose only purpose is to serve those with the dietary requirement with something to satisfy a sweet craving in a way that's only a shade better than settling down with spoonfuls of straight sugar.  And hemp, to put it diplomatically, can be seen as a trendy buzzword to attract those who cannot deign to consume anything that has pedestrian ingredients.  So therefore I was delightfully surprised when tasting the cinnamon salt flavor.  The first bites had the nice snap of a regular chocolate bar and they melted in a wonderfully creamy fashion in the mouth.  The flavor itself was my favorite mix of sweet and savory: usually the salt as an advertised flavor in a candy is a gimmick and way overdone like a salted pretzel.  Happily I can report that you don't really need to say something like "it's good... for a vegan chocolate bar" and "forgive" it for the compromises made while knowing that you'll need to get a "real" chocolate bar later.   It doesn't even need this kind of "no, really it's tasty even though it's fake!" review.   It's properly good and deserves the same space on your shelf that Lindt may currently occupy.