Our First Ingredient is Love

The Hemp Love® Brand Is An Expression Of Gratitude, Friendship, And Love. We Also Make Some Pretty Amazing Chocolate Bars! We’re Serious (Like, Really Serious) About Using The Very Best Ingredients In Our Gourmet Chocolate Bars, Lip Balms, And Animal Treats. That Includes The Use Of Hemp Seeds (Containing 0% THC), Which Has Been Called “The Ultimate Superfood.” We Are Certified Organic, Vegan, And Rainforest Alliance Certified.

We Proudly Pledge 12% Of Our Net Profits To Animal Assistance Programs That Service First Responders, The Elderly, Disabled, Combat Wounded And Emotionally Distressed. We Are Committed To Ethically Sourcing All Of Our Ingredients, So You Can Feel As Good About Buying Our Products As You Can About Eating Them And Feeding Them To Your Beloved Pets! Together, We Really Can Make The World A Better (And Tastier) Place!